Add Fun & Excitement to Vending
Red Bull Video

BUY a Drink for a Couple of Bucks or Play for a Quarter

Cranes Are Legal When They Do Not Drop
Cranes Are Illegal When They Do Drop

One Million Plus Test Cycles - Zero (0) Drops

Monster Video
Mixed Drink Vides

Vending Game Vs. Vending Machine
Operate Games of Pure Skill
Claw Vs Vacuum Crane

US Patent # 8,070,167 . . . Other Patents Pending

American Beverage Association Member - 2019

First Vending Crane Designed to Pick Up Aluminum Cans

Designed for for 250mL (8.3 oz): 355ml. (12 oz): Tall or Short

How to Play Kan Krane
Predominance of Skill
100% Skill - Zero Chance